Will’s Words–FREE Poster

What’s the best way to get your “money’s worth?” By getting something for FREE! Get a FREE Will’s Words poster to display in your library or classroom, just by asking.


              WillsWords_Poster_Front          WillsWords_Poster_ Back

The front features a gorgeous full-color image of the book, Will’s Words: How William Shakespeare Changed the Way You Talk, by Jane Sutcliffe, illustrated by John Shelley, as well as some lovely images of old London from the book. The reverse includes Shakespeare-themed activities including:

  • Finish Will’s Words crossword puzzle
  • Match the phrase to the play game
  • Glossary of stage terms (oh, that’s why it’s called “upstage!”)
  • Don’t Just Read Shakespeare, Do Shakespeare activities

Just contact me at janeATjanesutcliffeDOTcom to get your free poster. Include the words “Will’s Words Poster” in the subject line. And while I would appreciate it if you would share a photo of the poster displayed in your library or classroom on social media, this is not required. I just want to get you a poster. Offer good while supplies last, and then “what’s done is done.”

WIlls Words final art 300